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General Information

The UltraESC is a sensor-less three-phase brush-less DC motor speed controller. It was developed primarily for use in multi-rotor helicopters. Of course usage in other models is not a problem as long as you are aware of the special features. Please note for use in normal helicopters and fixed-wing models read the information in the configuration!

Its peculiarities are mainly in the nature of regulation. This ESC emphases quick response and high signal resolution (about 2000 steps). Further on there are in addition to the normal sensor signal (50-500Hz PWM) control options in order to enable faster signal transmission.

For the settings there is a clear configuration program available. Here you can configure the ESC and additionally monitor live data such as engine speed, input voltage and preset of gas (throttle / speed).

Furthermore, the UltraESC has a special active free-wheeling. This allows not only to efficiently operate motors at part load, but also a rapid response during turn down. Thus gas changes are not only implemented when accelerating as quickly as possible, but the motor is during deceleration actively braked to achieve faster the target speed.

To avoid errors in handling or hazards, please read these instructions carefully!


- consider polarity (+ and -) (polarity reversal leads to the destruction of the regulator and could cause a fire!)

- Never start a brush-less motor holding it in hand.

- In case of tests with mounted propeller always keep sufficient distance to it and make sure no small parts can be aspirated.

- With active freewheeling during dimming (braking) there are very high currents and voltages fed back. If you operate the controller connected to a power supply, it may cause damage to controller and power supply. (LiPo batteries prevent excessive voltage increases due to their low impedance)

- This is not a toy! Not suitable for children.


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